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Socal Express Boys College Commits

Socal Express takes pride in the development of players and proud of each player who wants to continue playing at the collegiate level.  Below is some of the Socal Express Alumni that have continued their skills on the college field.

NCAA Division I
NCAA Division II & III

Kevin Kodzis - Holy Cross

Quentin Buchman (2018)- Notre Dame

Ellis Geis (2018)- Denver

Kevin Cox- Air Force

Erik Suh- St. Johns

Eric Rubak- Bellarmine

Matt Ury (2018)- Bellarmine

Kevin Groeninger (2019)- Bryant

Hayden Rodenbeck (2018)- University of Utah

Trevor Peay - Marquete

Michael Logan (2018) - Limestone

Nick Shanks (2016)- Tufts

Chase Lynch (2017)- Denison

Sean Mack (2017) Whittier

Kevin Caruana  (2017)- Colorado College

Austin Mann (2017)- Whittier College

Andrew Maita (2018)- Washington and Lee

Miles Smart (2018)- Ohio Wesleyan

Jack Seals (2018)- Stevenson University

Chris Hunter (2017) - Arizona State

Logan Dochterman- University of Illinois

CJ Deal- Michigan State

Nick Totah- Chapman University

Zach Taylor- Depauw

Andy Shin- MIT

Josh Fox - Texas A&M

Nic Parrino - TCU

Ethan Sepulveda - Boise State

Kenny Algeo - Boise State

Clay Eggeman - Arizona State

Zane Handy - Illinois Tech

Sean Waterman - Cal Poly SLO

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