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B. Harden, Player's Dad

“People often ask us why we switched teams and drive 91 miles for our 12-year-old to play Lacrosse. Simple, Lacrosse is his passion and SoCal Express provides him the opportunity to be coached by Jon Fox. We are amazed at the amount of growth we have seen in our son after one season. Between the travel and national team, our son gets immediate and valuable feedback from not one, but from three of the most prominent and well-respected coaches in southern California. Adam Guy, Glen Miles and Jon Fox not only deliver, they exceed expectations!"

A. Inabinet, Player's Mom

"Playing for SoCal Lacrosse has been an inspirational experience for my son.  Coaches Miles, Guy and Fox focus on developing athletes -- and humans.  And the care and insights they share with players helps them really “see” their strengths and weaknesses -- helping them discover things about themselves setting them up for success in the future. Our family is so grateful!"

K. Schamel, Player's Mom

"We’ve had a great experience with So Cal Express over the past year.  We have been extremely happy with the level of training our son has experienced.  So Cal Express is a very organized league with very positive, committed coaches.   Our coaches bring high school level training and knowledge for our boys to learn from.  Coach Guy and Coach Miles are two of the best coaches my son has experienced to date.  We love this league!

L Sperling, Team Parent of Girls Elite Player

“This program not only provides it’s players with some of the best instructional training around, but offers them a family atmosphere where both players/parents feel comfortable asking questions and being involved in the program. All of our coaches have been top notch, approachable and most of all fun & informative. We have watched our daughter grow dramatically since being enrolled with this amazing lacrosse program. We look forward to many more years within this lacrosse community. Jon, Brian & Christie provide such a professional organization where kids learn how to not only become better lacrosse players, but how to make the most of each individual talent they may have."

S. Healy, Team Parent of
Girls Elite & Regional Players

"SoCal Express has given both of my girls a challenging and rewarding experience. They have been able to improve their lacrosse skills, make new friendships, and travel to some great cities for tournaments. The coaching has been awesome at both the Regional and Elite levels. Thank you SoCal!"

SoCal Express 2026-190609-39.jpg

2025 Boys Team Parent

"I know my son's lacrosse skills are directly related to the time you and the other coaches have spent with him.  More importantly to me however, are the traits of being a young man you have instilled in him.  I have watched him become more responsible, respectful and a better teammate thanks to your coaching/mentoring.  I don’t see any other programs offering that….they may have fancy uniforms and visiting guest coaches; however they don’t have the coaching/training and they don’t teach life skills.  I know things change, but I’m glad that you envision a future with my boy.  To me that is priceless.

 As I have said numerous times to you in the past, we are a SoCal family until you don’t want us anymore!  It’s going to be a fun year!"


2026 Boys Parent, Lorimer

"Our son has grown not only as a lacrosse player but as a person thanks to SoCal Express. Coach Guy, Fox, Miles, and Brent have poured into him as a player and a person. Watching your child learn from the best coaches in OC while his confidence soars is everything a parent could ask for. His growth as a player has been transformative and outstanding to witness. We feel confident that not only is he learning from the best, but he is also building lifelong friendships with his team. We feel strongly that he will be prepared for what lies ahead for high school and hopefully college lacrosse. We are honored to be a part of such a standout program and lucky to call SoCal our lacrosse family!"


2023 Girls Parent, Stephens

"SoCal Express has been a great organization for our daughter.  She has been with Express for four years and can see a significant improvement in her stick skills and in the game. All the coaches have been awesome and the training/camps they provide is amazing.  They are committed and appreciate all the hours they put into the club. Thank you SoCal!"


2025 Boys Parent, Kroener

"When it comes to lacrosse, SoCal conscientiously takes the time to teach the kids how to properly play the game.  They train their players on the logistical ins and outs of the game, in turn setting them up for future successes like playing in high school or college. SoCal has a way of teaching our son lacrosse IQ while still fostering the love of the sport. Our son looks forward to practice, knowing that he’ll get in a rigorous workout along with a valuable session in team camaraderie.  They work the kids hard and run college-level plays, refusing to take the easy way out. The coaches know that the key to success is the foundation and formation of its players, so they put in the time to instill a sense of confidence to push them to think, to learn, and to meet the challenges head on.  I have never once picked up our son from a practice in which the team isn’t walking out together, laughing, bonding, and having fun.


When it comes to molding respectable, confident, intelligent young men… SoCal Express does an incredible job!  Our teams have been complimented numerous times from opposing coaches, parents, and referees on the way our boys carry themselves with class.  They never turn inward on each other but rather lean in and trust their teammates who have become more like brothers.  Coach Guy has fostered a culture in which the individual families quickly blend and merge into one unified SoCal family.  The boys know Coach Guy and Coach Crawford are invested in the success of their personal lives beyond the field.  During this tumultuous past year, Coach Guy and Coach Crawford have been the “normal” for our boys (and their families) in a time when everything seems to be anything but normal.  I will be eternally grateful to SoCal Express for the influence they have had on our son’s life.  He is a better person having been a part of their program!"

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