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Socal Express Team Description 

Socal Express Teams : explanation of the girls teams in the program. 

SoCal Express Team Description:



The SoCal Express Track:
Regardless of where a player is in their lacrosse journey (beginner, intermediate, advanced, or elite), SoCal Express provides a path for development to the highest level of play they can reach. 

Alliance National Teams: 
Socal express players join with top players from other Alliance member programs to compete at major national events on the East coast. These are the top players at their respective age groups focused on playing high level collegiate lacrosse. Outside of tournaments, these players also get to scrimmage against top teams in the country and be part of specifically designed college coaching showcases.

Alliance Regional:
Socal express players compete in a few high level regional events in collaboration with other Alliance programs & Alliance National players.  This supplements training in between the National Team training & tournaments. New players are in consideration for future national team spots. Some of these teams will also have an opportunity to train at our National Team training days.

Socal Express 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030:
Players compete in age specific groupings at regional and local tournaments.

Socal Express HS Platinum:
High level Varsity players. Team enters the high brackets of events & attends some events with college recruiters. The team focuses on team concepts, individual skills improvement working to make their varsity team better and prepare for opportunities to play in college. Some players will also play on an Alliance team.

Socal Express HS Gold:
Varsity Level players attend high level events and build skills to prepare for top level HS play and build up potential for collegiate play options.

Socal Express HS Silver or Navy:
Varsity & JV players with a focus on improving individual skills and becoming bigger contributors on their HS team and preparing for a higher level Express team.  Attending a mixed level of tournaments.

Socal Express HS White:
JV & lower level varsity players with focus on personal & team skills development, and preparing for a higher level Express Team.

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